A Look at Some Unreleased Splatoon 2 Maps

Some files were introduced for some unreleased maps in version 3.1.0. Those files specified where map objects should be placed and other configuration data. Using my map editor (still in alpha), I was able to infer the overall layout of the maps just by looking at the object positions. I already published the images below on the Inkademy Discord server, but I don’t think I linked them outside of there. Orange boxes represent an object. If the editor was able to load the object’s model, then the model is used in place of the orange box.

First off, here’s the early object layout for a map with the codename Mirror:

My observations:

  • No, the map isn’t Saltspray Rig. That stage has the codename SeaPlant.
  • The map appears to be a “theater” of some sort, judging by the test object names.
  • However, like Saltspray and the recent Shifty Station, it uses mirror symmetry (which explains the stage’s codename I suppose).
  • The Splat Zone(s), Tower, and Rainmaker are placed directly on the line of symmetry.

Next, here’s the early object layout for Ancho-V Games (first discovered by Red★):

My observations:

  • Because of the sheer amount of objects that appear to have been “misplaced”, we can assume that the beginning areas for each team have been redesigned.
  • For example, the spawn point was moved back, so more space was probably added.
  • A sponge was added (did anyone expect otherwise? Nintendo sure loves adding Inkrails and Sponges).
  • Miiverse boards are still in the same positions.
  • The center might not have been redesigned, but it’s hard to tell. We need more files from the game to definitively answer that question.

Please note that Nintendo can always tweak and redesign map elements – these aren’t set in stone! We will see what map data they add in the patch coming mid-July.