Debug Patches Instructions and FAQ

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  1. Set up Atmosphere CFW. This is out of scope for this guide. Use Google or refer to GBAtemp.
  2. Download IPSwitch and install it to sdcard:/switch/.
  3. Make a new directory on your SD card under the IPSwitch directory called debug-menu.
  4. Copy the .pchtxt file for your version of the game to the debug-menu directory.
  5. Launch IPSwitch from the Homebrew Launcher.
  6. Select “Generate IPS from Patch”.
  7. Select the debug menu patch.
  8. Exit IPSwitch.
  9. Launch the Splatoon 2 demo.


Q. How do I download a Splatoon 2 demo version?

A. You must have either downloaded the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere or the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire software in the past. If you have not, then you cannot use these patches (without piracy, which would likely ban you). If you have downloaded either of the two software titles before, refer to this Nintendo support article for instructions.

Q. Can you be banned by using this?

A. Running CFW and using mods always has some risk of banning you. I’ve tried my best to ensure that nobody can banned by using my patches, but I cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe. I am not responsible if anyone is banned by using the patches.

Q. How does the menu work?

A. Here’s a helpful guide hosted by The Cutting Room Floor.

Q. What modes cannot be accessed?

A. I have overwritten some modes to support the debug menu and its room creation features.


  • Testfire Title Screen
  • Testfire “Thank you for playing” Screen


  • Squid Beatz
  • Shop

Q. My question isn’t on this list / I need more help!

A. Please join my Discord server for further support.