DolphiniOS release

The first release for DolphiniOS is finally here!

Before installing, remove any other DolphiniOS installations you have to avoid issues. Be sure to backup important data before deleting.

To get it, simply navigate to on your jailbroken iOS device and tap “Add to Cydia”. After that, search for DolphiniOS, and install it.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to add DolphiniOS.

To add games to your library, simply tap the plus icon on the top right corner and select your ROM. (Don’t pirate/download ROMs. You are easily able to dump game discs using a real Wii. A tutorial is available here.)

Video on how to add ROMs to DolphiniOS

Alternatively, you can navigate to /var/mobile/Documents/DolphiniOS/Software using a file manager and put your ROMs there. You may need to refresh the games list (pull down to start refreshing like you would do in other apps) for the files to appear.

If you need help, feel free to join our Discord server and ask:

You can report issues on our issue tracker:

If you like, you can join our Patreon to support development: (every $5+ patron will be credited in the settings menu + more is planned!)

We will continue to update DolphiniOS and add many more features to it. Stay tuned for more information!